Moneta Launch

MON launched with a decentralised Liquidity Bootstrapping on Uniswap.


  • Launch Mechanism: Liquidity Bootstrapping

  • Launch Price: 0.00075 ETH ($1.00)

  • Max Supply: 100.000.000

  • Initial Liquidity Pool: 1.000.000

Liquidity Bootstrapping

The Moneta token needs liquidity to be traded efficiently on Uniswap. 1.000.000 MON were put in the initial Liquidity Pool paired together with 750 ETH (roughly $1.000.000). This sets the Listing Price to around ~$1.00.

Participants deposited their ETH in a decentralized Smart Contract. Those ETH stay in the Liquidity Pool forever. In return, 1.500.000 MON are distributed to them in a linear manner over the course of 180 days.


  • Initial MON LP Supply: 1.000.000 MON

  • Hard Cap: 750 ETH

  • Minimum Invest: 0.02 ETH

  • Maximum Invest: 20 ETH

  • Start Date: September 23: 20:00 CET

  • End Date: September 25: 11:11 CET

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