Moneta Airdrop

15% of the MON Supply was distributed through an Airdrop in September 2022 - The distribution started one month after TGE.

3 Airdrops

Airdrop 1: GHNY Snapshot

The first opportunity to get a Token Airdrop of MON is for the Grizzly Honey (GHNY) holders of

For a time period of 4 weeks, every day at a random time, a Snapshot is made and your GHNY holdings is counted. At the end of this period, the Average of your GHNY holding is calculated. The last days of the Snapshot are weighted more than the first days. This calculated average is a crucial value for the amount of your MONETA airdrop.

The Snapshot Period starts at the 25th of August and Ends at the 23th of September 2022.

Airdrop 2: The GHNY Freezer

There is a second way for the long term oriented users of to participate in the launch of the DeFi Franc Ecosystem. The GHNY Freezer.

You have the chance to lock away your GHNY for 1, 3 or 6 month and profit from a higher Honeypot APR and the second Moneta Airdrop.

Depending on the Duration, you receive 5, 10 or 20 MONs for every frozen GHNY.

Airdrop 3: Liquity Community

The DeFi Franc is a friendly fork of Liquity and their LUSD stablecoin. Thus, we would like to give something back to the Liquity and invite them also to partake in Grizzly and DCHF.

The third Airdrop will reward all LQTY Holders with a MON Airdrop. This will make their community and over $500.000.000 TVL attentive to the DeFi Franc.


15.000.000 MON are distributed.

  • 5.882.676 MON for the GHNY Holdings Snapshot

  • 5.291.841 MON for the GHNY Stakers

  • 3.825.483 MON for LQTY Holders

Because the Airdropped Amount of tokens is quite large, the Emission needs to be dealt with carefully. If the Vesting is too short, this would scare off potential investors of MON. However, 10 years of vesting where Airdrop participants can't use their MON is also not optimal.

This is why there are two options the Airdrop Participants can choose from:

  1. Vest & Claim At the beginning, 100% of your tokens are vested. Participants can claim 0.1% every day starting on Day 30. After 1000 Days, 100% of the Airdrop will have been claimable.

  2. Freeze & Earn Users can put 100% of their Airdrop in the Moneta Staking for 2000 days. There, they participate from the Staking Rewards generated by the Borrow and Redemption Fee but cannot withdraw. After 2000 days, the tokens can be claimed over the course of 180 days.

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